Important Facts About Living in Hawaii

hawaii island

I recently had a friend move from California to Hawaii with me. He didn’t stay long and has since returned to California where he now owns a carpet cleaning company in Norwalk.

You see, my friend thought Hawaii would be all surfing and fun in the sun. But there are some parts about living in Hawaii that aren’t so wonderful and sometimes are enough to have people like my friend move back to the mainland.

Overall, living in Hawaii is wonderful. I really do recommend it to everyone, but to be fair, there are a few important facts about living in Hawaii you should know before you decide to move here:


It’s not cheap to live in Hawaii. The cost of owning land or renting space is very expensive compared to many of the states in the mainland. You will need to be prepared for these costs prior to moving here.


There are several inconveniences living on the islands. One inconvenience is traffic where most islanders will commute and sit in traffic for 1-2 hours every single day.

Another inconvenience is purchasing common and hard-to-find goods. Most of the items at stores are produced on the mainland and need to be shipped or flown to the island. This means when a brand of food or an item you love is not available at a store it can be days or weeks until it will be in stock again and of course, it will cost much more in Hawaii due to the shipping costs.


I won’t go into too much detail but there are bugs everywhere in Hawaii. Big bugs. If you simply cannot live with or around bugs you should not live in Hawaii.


If you don’t feel safe about living somewhere where extreme weather patterns occur than you will not want to live in Hawaii because we endure flash floods, tsunamis and more here. Nature plays a role in everyday life in Hawaii and sometimes it is dangerous, including the occasional shark attack.


Odds are if you decide to move to Hawaii not all of your friends or family will follow. If your family and friends live on the East Coast this could mean upwards of 10 hours of travel time or 20 hours there and back.

That level of travel is both exhausting and expensive. It will also be difficult to convince friends and family to visit you too often based on those truths.

Like I said above, I love living in Hawaii and I think the pros far outweigh the cons but like with all things in life, Hawaii is not perfect, there are bugs, expensive living costs, traffic and dangerous weather to deal with on the islands.

I hope this helps you decide whether living in Hawaii is the right choice for you and your family!