Rent Your Hawaiian Beach Home

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Locals of Oahu are well aware of the massive influx of tourists on the island every week. Sometimes it feels as though the island is 50/50 between tourists from the mainland and across the globe and local residents and tribes.

Instead of being frustrated by tourism in Oahu, use it to your advantage. Hotels are very expensive in Oahu and are booked out months in advance. That leaves many tourists scratching their head as to where to stay during their vacation in Oahu. So, why not rent your Oahu beach home?

There is a good chance you have friends and family on the mainland you will want to visit for holidays or throughout the year. Or perhaps you want to visit other islands nearby? Either way, you can rent your beach home during the weeks you plan to be on vacation or even traveling for business purposes.

Prepare Your Home for Rent

You won’t have to do much to prepare your beach home for rent. You do not need to stock the refrigerator with food or drink. Guests are expected to provide their meals for themselves.

You simply need to clean the home before you rent it and ensure all utilities as well as internet are in working order before leaving.

It’s also nice to provide bath towels for guests to use as that is something many will forget to pack with them.

To clean the home, you should dust and vacuum before the arrival of the guests. This would also be a good time to consider deep carpet cleaning.

Scrub the kitchen floors and deep clean the refrigerator and throw out all of your food and leftovers. You should also deep clean the oven to remove any grime from the inside of it.

In the bathroom, scrub the shower tile and the bathtub and wipe down the toilet and the sinks.

In the bedrooms, you should have the beds made before the guests arrive with fresh bedding just for them.

Try to remove as many of your personal items as possible. This includes photographs or heirlooms and of course anything of value to you.

You should require a security down payment in case any damage occurs in your home or in case any of your property goes missing during the time the guests are in your home.

If you present the beach home nice enough you might convince the guests to visit again and stay in your home again or you could receive referrals from them for their friends and family.

You will find that you can earn over $2,000 in a week from guests renting out your beach home in Oahu during vacation. This is enough to pay for your own travel costs or to save the money for other expenses throughout the year.

Locals in Oahu should all consider renting their homes to tourists of the island, especially during peak travel times during the year. Locals will come to find it is a very easy way to supplement their income and get a break from tourists when the island is overrun with them.